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Solo exhibition @rableygallery

“The Mountains are Calling”

20 November- 18 December 2021

“Mountains are so often beguiling. They signal the evolution from the ordinary earth, to the extraordinary world, and the return therefrom. These are the sacred monuments that inspire the work of Sadie Tierney.

Amidst distinctive and expressive terrains, Sadie is keen to include a human element. This is to inspire themes of destination, contemplation and emotional connection to nature on a grand scale.

Rabley Gallery is thrilled to exhibit a new collection of Sadie Tierney’s paintings and prints ‘The mountains are calling and I must go’ quoting the pioneering C19th naturalist John Muir. Her works range across both mediums and mountain ranges capturing the light and atmosphere of the Alps.” Rabley Gallery

Showing a selection of unique works on paper – paintings and monoprints

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